Home Workout for the Holidays


Kathy Redden is an expert, proven fitness specialist at Pure Austin who has made a name for herself getting outstanding results for her busy clients. This month, Redden demonstrates four exercises for us that can be performed at home or at the gym. Rip out this page and rid yourself of any workout excuses! All four of these exercises can be performed without any exercise equipment and collectively they challenge every muscle group in the body.

Here’s Redden’s workout prescription:

Start with a 15-minute jog, then complete each of these four exercises three times each, followed by another 15-minute jog, and you have a 45-minute workout that will make you feel energized.

You can “mix it up” by performing all three sets of each exercise back-to-back or following a circuit-format (go through one set of each exercise before repeating, until you have completed all exercises three times each).

Start with your weight slightly forward on the “step” leg. Pull your body up with this leg, using the floor leg to push as little as possible. Both legs are extended and tense at the top of the movement. Lower slowly using the top leg to resist the down motion. Complete 15 to 20 of these on each leg.

Start with your weight on the front leg. As the weight is lowered, be sure that the front knee goes right over the front toes but not past them. If your knee is extending over the toes (especially if it causes pain in the knee joint), reposition your front foot further in front of you before beginning the set. Complete 15 of these on each leg.

Start in a traditional push up position. Lower into a push up while lifting one leg to the side until the knee makes contact with the elbow (at first you might need to keep your arms straight to make this contact). Press and hold the knee on the elbow. Return to starting position and alternate sides. Complete 10 to 20 of these, alternating legs.

Targets the entire back of the body – the glutes, lower back, middle back and ham- strings, in addition to challenging the balance and stabilizer muscles in the entire leg (including the foot).

Start with your weight on one leg, knee only very slightly bent. Initiate the down movement from the hips, hold the lowered/extended position for three seconds (important: try to raise the back leg as straight as possible and as high as the arms and torso). Contract the glutes of the standing leg to raise the body to the starting position while maintaining the balance on one foot only. Complete 12 of these on each leg.

That’s it – a 45-minute blast, that’s well worth it. Consistent workouts – even if they have to be at home, in the park, or in your hotel room – breed long-term stunning results!