I am a snowflake


And a snowball, a snow drift and an avalanche. But yes, I am definitely and defiantly a snowflake. And snowflakes are always better together.


I am a snowflake. I am delicate, fleeting and fragile on my own. When I encounter hot situations, I literally melt away and disappear. Up close, I am intricate and beautifully formed, yet very few ever have the time to see me nor the exposure to the very few environments where I exist and thrive. I am a snowflake.

I am a snowflake. When I gather with a few of my friends, we bond together to create a snowball. We can accomplish more like this and can throw ourselves into situations. Together we are seen and have some impact but admittedly, our impact is short-lived, not permanent. Often we miss our target altogether, but that’s ok. We know together we were stronger. I am a snowflake.

I am a snowflake. Sometimes, I gather with even more snowflakes. We bond together as it is tiring to be a lone, fleeting snowflake. We sit and drift off in conversation of what is right and just and civil. The more we drift, the stronger we become in thought, word and deed. Our drift slows traffic of ill-intent and blocks passage of those who previously did not notice nor care about us. I am a snowflake.

I am a snowflake. I prefer to remain as a simple subtle and beautiful snowflake. But sometimes, snowflakes just can’t remain still and silent. We are not always easily stirred into action. We often sit back, observe and let our thoughts accumulate. Secretly, we really wish that didn’t have to move into action. But the more we accumulate and observe injustice and discrimination and infringement of rights, we are moved into action. We create an avalanche of power exposing truth and enveloping those that had far too long ignored and discounted our pleas for good. I am a snowflake.