Our Mission

Since 2007, L Style G Style has told the stories of the Austin LGBT community and straight allies with the purpose to engage and inspire.  Our mission is to remove stereotypes and be the authoritative forum for profiling lesbian, gay and straight allies in a positive light. To market and promote the entire LGBT community and bring awareness to the straight community that lesbian and gay individuals are no different than any other. Get to know us!

Alisa Weldon & Lynn Yeldell


In Alisa’s words:

In 2004 on a trip to Portland, Oregon, I settled in at a coffee shop in the northwest pocket of the city after walking idly through the streets all day. As I drank my coffee, I noticed a lesbian family walking by with their daughter in her stroller. Something struck me as familiar, but for a moment I couldn’t quite place it. Then I realized: This was a Norman Rockwell scene, with the leaves in full color, falling slowly as this wholesome couple and their baby passed by me along the street. And then a further realization dawned on me. There were many people and families like this that I knew back home, people who were living beautiful lives, deeply enmeshed in their communities, making them more livable, compassionate and welcoming places. And yet these people and their contributions were generally unacknowledged. Nobody was making them feel like role models, nobody was painting iconic portraits of these ordinary and extraordinary people, nobody was telling their stories.

In July of 2006, I met Lynn Yeldell and shared my passion for starting a magazine that would do just that: profile lesbian and gay individuals who lived their lives as part of a larger community, changing it, strengthening it. By December of 2006, Lynn and I began our life as partners and in April of 2007, I sold my house and invested my life savings into the creation of L Style G Style. With a background in advertising and marketing and a 15-year career as a graphic designer, I knew a two-magazine-in one, flippable publication had the power to bring two separate but deeply allied groups together and showcase powerful stories. We believe there is something for everyone in the pages of this extraordinary publication. It celebrates who we are and what we do—capturing stories about visionaries, entrepreneurs, artists, civil servants, and ordinary families. Our goal is to offer the public a chance to really get to know us, and for “us” to know ourselves even better. My grandmother always said, “Alisa, once you settle into your community, make a difference and give back to what gives to you.” L Style G Style is my full-hearted attempt to follow her advice.