Travel Tips for LGBT Couples


Traveling anywhere is a challenge. When you’re an LGBT couple, however, you may find that travel is more difficult than for other families. By following these tips, however, you can have a calm, enjoyable vacation that doesn’t leave you feeling uncomfortable and out of sorts before you even make it to your destination.

Do your research. You might, for example, filter your hotel search results or look for theme parks or other destinations that are welcoming to the LGBT community. You don’t want to be snubbed when you reach your destination! Check out the reviews, especially on your hotel website: is the hotel friendly to other same-sex couples? Have others had good experiences there in the past? You might not care what other people think of your orientation, but you’ll be more likely to have a positive experience if you find a place that’s open and welcoming to all of its guests.

Check out pride festival dates. During these events, it will be easy to see what venues are friendly throughout the entire festival. As an added bonus, if you schedule your vacation around a gay pride festival, you’ll be able to meet new people and check out destinations that you might not have chosen to visit otherwise.

Use online LGBT travel websites and social media apps. They’ll help you decide where to go, what the must-see locations are in any city, and even where to go if you have a bad experience and need help for some reason. Even with those recommendations, feel out your destination when you get there. If you do experience prejudice or condemnation, make sure you report it: while it might not change your experience, you might be able to prevent negative experiences for other couples in the future. In a worst-case scenario, at least you can let others know which spots to avoid!

Traveling as a couple is much easier now that gay marriage has become legal, but that doesn’t mean that every destination is LGBT-friendly. Thankfully, social media and the easy accessibility of apps and other information means that you’ll be able to tell which spots are the most friendly and which ones should be avoided at all costs. Enjoy your travel, whether you’re headed off on a long-awaited honeymoon or simply checking out someplace new with your spouse or family. Who knows? You might discover the next gay-friendly hot spot in a new city.



Lynn and her partner, Alisa, co-founded L Style G Style. She is a New Orleans native, passionate traveler, connector and investor. As the first female Student Body President at the University of Alabama, she loves politics and SEC football with equal fervor.