Risk it!


If you’ve ever attempted something considered “risky” you may realize that a crucial part of any activity in this category is basic balance and movements associated with your balance. The following exercises are not targeted to any particular sport or activity but are simply meant to improve your basic neuromuscular pathways and enhance the efficiency in which your nervous system works with the mechanical parts of your muscular system. An example of this would be standing on one leg as opposed to laying on a leg press machine and executing a standard leg press; nervous system vs. mechanical. The goal of these exercises is to establish a pathway between these two systems to assist in better coordination, precision, and balance and in the process, helping you in whatever “risky” business you choose.

1: Single Leg Balance Reach Down, Difficulty- Easy/Moderate

With one leg standing on the ground, and the other leg slightly lifted but still close to your ankle, place the opposite hand of the lifted leg on your hip and with a straight back, reach down and touch the toe of the planted leg. Take 4 counts to go down, hold for another 2 counts at your toe and take 1 count to return to starting position. Repeat 10-12 repetitions for 3 sets.

2: 4-way Single Leg Hop, Difficulty-Moderate

Create a 4 square grid or X with something flat. Tape, rope, or something similar works fine. The exercise is simply jumping from square to square on one leg. For the first set jump in a counter clockwise circle, for the second set counterclockwise, and for the third in
an X criss cross pattern. Repeat each set on each leg 10-12 repetitions for 3 sets

3: Double Bosu Push Up, Difficulty- Moderate/ Advanced

Using two Bosu balls (one inflated side/ one hard flat side), place one at your feet and one at your arms in standard pushup position using the hard side of each. Steadying your arms on the upper and only one leg on the lower, execute pushups and switch your single stabilizing leg with each repetition. 8-12 repetitions for 3 sets.

4: Bosu Core/Oblique Twist, Difficulty-Moderate/Advanced

Standing on the hard, flat side of a Bosu ball with a cable machine at equal height to your torso, use a regular handle and rotate evenly from left to right or vise-versa while maintaining your balance on the Bosu ball. Weight for this exercise should be relatively light to begin with and gradually increase with confidence in stability. 10-15 repetitions per side for 3 sets.