Power It Up


Pure Austin Fitness Personal Trainer Greg Galindo wants to make sure you are looking buff at the lake this summer. We asked him to pick the one exercise that would polish up your chest muscles the fastest, and he gave us the plyometric (explosive) push-up. Luckily, he provides a few suggestions for how to ease into the full version.

Galindo positioned a yoga brick below his eyes while he is in the start of a push-up position. Start with one hand on the block, palms flat and body in a straight line, hips and back parallel to the floor (no sagging in the middle!) Descend into the push-up, with the goal of reaching a 90-degree bend in the elbow, while maintaining the strong core and straight line through the body. Now, explode back up through the push-up. For level one, do one side at a time, maintaining the same hand and practicing the “explosion” For level two, as you explode up, you will be moving laterally and switching the hand on the top of the block.

You won’t want to do this exercise if you have wrist or shoulder issues. For everyone else, an explosive exercise like this is great for firing up muscles. Plyometric exercises are designed to enhance power, and will develop a fullness that is much different than a traditional “strength” exercise. So add this one to your workout once or twice a week, doing two sets of as many as you can do with good form.