Get Multi-Dimensional


One-dimensional moves are totally ‘80s. Multiple planes, multiple systems, and a prop or two thrown in—that’s where it’s at. Pure Austin Fitness Personal Trainer Tiziana Castro demonstrates a split squat holding a medicine ball while performing an oblique twist…with a foot on the Bosu.

Admit it, you have looked at people doing things on the Bosu before and thought some variation of “???!?” The Bosu is a good practical way to increase muscle activation through stabilization. Basically, because you are trying not to fall over, you are going to work more muscles to stay upright. I personally attribute my uncanny ability to not tip over to being dedicated to my Bosu practice. It has also made me an amazing platform shoe runner. Jealous? Try this exercise.

Castro is standing with her front foot on the platform side of the Bosu, though this could also be done with a foot on the blue side (slightly less precarious). If you have wonky knees, skip the Bosu altogether for this move. One-legged Bosu moves might not be for you. Castro takes a split-stance (shortened lunge) position and, holding the medicine ball, she twists toward the ground over the bent front leg. The low- ering should come equally from dropping further into the lunge (ouch) than from leaning over and bending the back. In the torso, you should feel this in the obliques, the nice-looking abdominal muscles on the sides of your waist. Focus the twist in that area.

This is a great multijoint, multimuscle group movement. You should see serious results if it is practiced consistently!