Yes, Sir!


Summer’s in full swing and it’s high time to really trim the fat. Pure Austin promises: We have the man for the job. Former Marine Mike Fuentes is truly a specialist when it comes to whipping his clients into shape– fast. Just ask anyone who attends his Blackout Classes, a sold-out favor- ite. We cornered him to get some of his greatest hits exercises we can do when he’s not around. Warning: not for the faint of spirit. Try 10 reps of each exercise, 3 sets of each.


Mike’s first choice goes for the obliques and core: the Russian Twist with a Barbell. From a standing position, grasp the top side of the barbell. Twist down to one side of the body, close to the hips, and pivot the opposite foot. Bring the weight back up to center, then twist down to the other side. This counts as one rep.


Here’s one for the legs and core that will also get your heart rate up: Mountain Climbers on the Bod Pod. If you don’t have access to a bod pod, just grab something that gives you a little elevation, or perform the exercise with your hands right on the ground. Get into a plank position, hands under shoulders, straight “top of push up” position from your shoulders to your heels, core engaged. Bring right knee into right elbow, then switch left knee to left elbow. Switch, switch, switch!


Here’s a great one for the legs that uses just your body weight and core strength. It’s an advanced movement, so set out about it carefully! If working on this solo, position your legs under something that can lock them in. Mike chose the pads of a lat pull machine. If you are working with someone, get him to hold your lower calves down. If solo, use a dowel rod placed in front of you to help you lower your body to about 45 degrees, maintaining a tight core, then pull back to the top with your calves, glutes, and hamstrings. If you are lower to the ground and a dowel doesn’t work as an assist, just lower yourself to the point that you can maintain core stability and a straight line from your knees to your shoulders. This exercise is hard core! Work carefully.


For the coup d’etat–the very enjoyable squat jump. Place your feet about hip width apart and drop your butt low, shooting for parallel to your knees to maximize glute involvement. Explosively jump up and land right back in the squat. That’s the best part! Make sure knees don’t pass the toes when squat- ting. Really use your butt to accomplish this movement.