Ben & Tino Marriedvideo


Benjamin Baronet & Augustine (Tino) Chavez Met: Birthday Party, December 18, 2009 Ben & Tino - La Jolla Wedding Married: Brazos Hall, Austin, TX, May 9,...

Jenny and Lindsey


Lindsey Leaverton and Jenny Leman Met: Wait for the excitement (sarcasm intended) -- We met in 2006 at Gateway movie theatre in Austin! I was there...

#LoveWins Lesbian Couple


Unless you have been living under a rock the past month, you know that the bill passed allowing gay and lesbian couples to marry....



Suzanne Bryant & Sarah Goodfriend “The Parking Lot” Couple Met: Halloween 1984 in the parking lot outside a Kate Clinton concern in Durham, NC Married: February 19, 2015...

Natalie Day & Jennifer Webb-Day. Photos by Kat Bevel


Natalie Day & Jennifer Webb-Day Met: We were introduced through a mutual friend at Rainbow Cattle Company in Austin, Texas in 2004. One evening when...

Tony & Floyd Jilek-Guidry, Photo by Kristin Bennett


Tony & Floyd Jilek-Guidry Met: Last Splash, Austin, TX, 1997 Married: New York City, October 2011 Get to know us: "In December 1997 Floyd Guidry moved from Austin to Houston...

Carmen & Yvette Hernandez


Carmen & Yvette Hernandez Met: 2010, Job Corps Learning Center Married: April 12, 2014, Hobbs, NM at our home ;) Yvette, Jordan & Carmen Get to know us: "Well to...


Marlo & Brenda Kovach Met: January 2012, Houston, Texas Married: August 2013, New York City Get to know us: "As cliche as it sounds, we met at a...

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