Carmen & Yvette Hernandez


#LoveWins - Stories of Marriage Equality

Carmen & Yvette Hernandez

Carmen & Yvette Hernandez

Met: 2010, Job Corps Learning Center

Married: April 12, 2014, Hobbs, NM at our home 😉

Carmen & Yvette Hernandez

Yvette, Jordan & Carmen

Get to know us: “Well to start off I am 23, Carmen is 22 and we have a 5 year old son name Jordan. All dreams became reality when we first met in 2010. Jordan was only months old. Carmen had the most amazing smile and personality ever. We were both in job corps learning program in Roswell, NM where we both graduated and returned to our normal everyday lives that was just not enough if we didn’t have one another. We engaged in heavy conversation plenty of times with constant talk of our future together as mothers and wives we began traveling back and forth to visit one another with her being from Las Cruces, NM and me from Hobbs, NM. One day we decided traveling wasn’t enough anymore for us or our son. We wanted life together to work for and support our child and household. Well let’s be straight to the point, to finally live life!!!!

We moved into our first home together when Jordan was 2. we built our home together not having much support from family because of the fact that we were are a lesbian couple raising a son and building our empire. We then took struggle by struggle and ran with it. On July 4th, 2013, Carmen and I proposed to one another on the same night not knowing that it was planned by the other! Well,  I’m sure you can guess what happened! We both said yes!!! We were married on April 12,2014 and omg how it was an amazing day. Our son who is now Jordan Victoriano Hernandez was our best man and our ring man!! He was amazing!!!! We now can share not only unconditional love with one another but also our last names, our insurance, but most of all, eternity in WEDLOCK #LOVEWINS!!!!.” – Yvette Hernandez, July 6, 2015.

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Marriage Equality

Marriage Equality

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