Natalie Day & Jennifer Webb-Day


#LoveWins - Stories of Marriage Equality

Natalie Day & Jennifer Webb-Day. Photos by Kat Bevel

Natalie Day & Jennifer Webb-Day

Met: We were introduced through a mutual friend at Rainbow Cattle Company in Austin, Texas in 2004. One evening when Natalie didn’t show up at a house party, Jennifer called only to find out Natalie was home feeling under the weather. After several hours spent talking on the phone, it was only a matter of days before we were inseparable…and it has remained that way for a decade now!

Married: Originally we privately married November 3, 2008 while we were living in San Francisco, on the eve of Proposition 8 passing and banning same sex marriage in California. Later on April 5, 2014 in our home city of Austin, Tx where it all began, we had a magical wedding ceremony and celebration with our friends and family at Malverde in downtown Austin.

Get to know us: “Natalie came along and exploded my world with beauty and light! We have spent the last ten years living in Austin, Los Angeles, San Francisco, back to Austin and now Dallas, Tx. Every day is an adventure together. After quickly getting married at the San Francisco City Hall building with only the two of us, we felt the experience was incomplete until we had our wedding ceremony in Austin surrounded with our amazing friends and family and it was the most magical evening of supporting love and celebration. We experienced that all over again when marriage equality was extended to Texas only weeks ago and our friends and family were able to celebrate with us once more! Our future together feels even more limitless now as we are equally married under the law in our home state!” – Jennifer Webb-Day, July 11, 2015

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Marriage Equality

Marriage Equality

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