What Marriage Equality Truly Means

#LoveWins Lesbian Couple

Unless you have been living under a rock the past month, you know that the bill passed allowing gay and lesbian couples to marry. Marriage equality is a hot topic in this country, and one that brings great debates. True love is beautiful and sacred. To find that one person, who knows your heart, can’t live without you, and is in sync with you, is a reason to celebrate. Some Christian groups believe that marriage is about a man and a woman. However, what many of them fail to point out is that they are on their third or fourth marriage. Now, you have the freedom to find the person that you want to spend your life with, regardless of their gender.

This SCOTUS ruling made history. For the first time in this country there will be no debates and no take-backs on previously issues marriages licenses. This issue goes back a long time, but many people don’t want to face the facts. F.O. Matthiessen was the first homosexual man on record in American History. In 1924, he met the man of his dreams, Russell Cheney, and lived for 20 years as a “married” couple. Yet even in those days he felt the pressure from the outside world. He spoke of his pain publically calling those who would discourage their bond “hell-hounds.”

People often hate what they don’t understand. But all too soon they feel differently when it happens to them. Being able to marry and live openly in society is something that many people have prayed decades for. It doesn’t do anything but open the door and allow those who have lived in secret the opportunity to live open and free. Everyone should have the choice to marry and love whomever they please. Marriage equality just protects loves’ bond and allows the couples to enjoy the benefits that everyone else in the free world already does.

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Marriage Equality

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