Finding Finesse for the Water


Sculling is an explosive sport. That power generated through your whole body is part of why this sport is so addictive. Sculling is great way to pound out some aggression in an alternate plane on an alternate surface.

Michael Fuentes, Master fitness Specialist at Pure Austin Fitness, chose some exercises you can use to cross-train for sculling on those days you can’t make it to the water. So when doing these first three exercises, “explode” into the movement. In rowing sports, the power first comes from the drive of your legs, followed by the pull from you arms, core and back. Really focus on your explosiveness – you’re gonna break a sweat. Finally, the single-arm row helps fine-tune your strength.

1. Single arm row – one knee down in the bench, same arm down on the bench for balance, opposite leg out at about 45 degrees. Raise the Dumbbell to the side of the rib cage, keeping the elbow from bowing out, and slowly lower the weight back down. At peak contraction, squeeze the shoulder blade towards the spine, and on the extension feel the stretch of the shoulder blade away from the spine. This is one rep.

2. Single arm Snatch – Start holding a dumbbell in one hand, holding it in line with the midline of the body. Quarter squat down and then explosively jump and shug at the same time, “snatching” the dumbbell above the head, and catching it in a quarter squat. Return to starting position. This is one rep.

3. Burpee – hands down on the ground, kick the legs out into a pushup position, bring the knees back, feet underneath you and explosively jump up. This is one rep.

4. Box Jump (not shown) – Stand about a foot away from the box, quarter squat down, drive up with your legs, jump as high as you can, land centered on the box. Make sure to balance yourself before stepping down from the box. This is one rep.