Summer is here, and water sports are surely on the short list of your midday outdoor workout options. Paddle boarding, wake surfing, wake boarding, kayaking and swimming are super-fun options to shred your core. Pure Austin fitness specialist Ande Taylor took the time to show us some truly innovative ways to further rip your core on the Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP). These exercises can be done static on the ground, on a static paddleboard, or (bonus!) on the water for some extra stabilizer recruitment. Pure Austin invites you to take one of their Core Paddleboard classes, or check out a paddleboard any other time during the week to use at the Quarry. You probably haven’t tried these before–check it out!

Sup Exercises:

Cobra with Paddle

Squeeze legs together and press them down into the board. Grasp the paddle with both hands, extending arms straight out in front of you. Lift arms, head and chest off the board. Hold 5 seconds. Pass the paddle to one hand and extend arms to the side. Hold 5 seconds. Revisit the first position with hold and repeat on the opposite side. For a full set, start in the middle, flow to the left, go back to the middle, flow to the right and return to the middle. Rest for 10 seconds and repeat 3-5 times.

This exercise focuses on the serratus anterior, rear deltoids, and trapezius. Strengthening these muscles will improve performance in the following water sports: stand-up paddle boarding, surfing, wakeboarding and kayaking.

Note: remember to look straight down, not out in front. You want to keep your neck in line with your body.

Bicycle With Paddle

A new spin on an old favorite or maybe an old enemy. Lie on back with hands slightly wider than shoulders and arms extended overhead. Bend one leg while the other stays extended and lifted above the board. Turn body and paddle toward bent knee and switch.

This exercise also strengthens obliques and abdominals while enhancing the endurance of your core. This will increase performance in the transversal plane.

Note: try to keep lower back on the board and keep both shoulder blades off the ground.

Lunge With Paddle And Twist

Plant the ball of one foot behind you and opposite the foot a few feet in front with toes pointed forward. Place hands shoulder width apart, holding the paddle straight out in front (parallel to the board). Bend knees to lower the back knee to the board and perform rotation toward that knee. Extend legs and return to starting position.

This exercise also engages the core while focusing on balance. Target muscles include: deltoids, obliques, quads and hamstrings.

SUP Plank

Lie down on stomach on board. Place elbows directly under shoulders with forearms parallel to one another. Lift body off board so only elbows and toes remain on the board, holding your body in a straight line. Draw abdominals in as you exhale.

The exercise will target all core muscles and enhance balance. To increase the intensity, lift one leg off the board just a few inches.