Stretch Before You Go


Autumn in Austin is all about music, film and book festivals. But before you two- step, pop-n-lock, walk it out and socialize your heart out, grab a pal and try these stretches for two designed to limber you up for nonstop partying action!


Sit cross-legged, back-to-back with a friend. Take a deep breath through your nose and sit tall. Reach your right hand across to your left knee and your left hand over to your friend’s knee, while your friend does the same. One of her hands will pull against her own knee, and one will push on your knee. Sit taller, twist deeper, take several long breaths and enjoy knowing that your friend’s got your back. Release, and repeat in the other direction.


Have your friend lay his chest on his knees in a child’s pose. Gently ease your hips onto his lower back and roll yourself down until you are lying completely on his back. Relax your head, neck and arms. Tune in to the rise and fall of your friend’s breath. Savor this fantastic back stretch, then switch positions and enjoy a deep hip-opening stretch in a child’s pose while your friend gets to be on top.


Lie flat on your back next to your friend. Lift your right leg straight up in the air. Reach for your right foot (or calf or thigh if you are less limber) with your left hand. Pull your leg all the way across your body until you are in a deep twist. Turn your face away from your foot and take a deep breath. Look over at your friend, smile, give ‘em a wink, and switch legs to twist in the other direction.


Sidle up to a wall, chair, or couch. Lie flat on your back and swing your legs up the wall or onto the chair or couch. Have your friend do the same next to you. Lay an eye pillow or folded hand towel over your eyes for deep relaxation. Hold hands with your friend while you rest together and bask in your preparty glow.

Party on yogi people!