Gam It Up!


We all crave sculpted legs. Personally, my legs are from some hearty stock that resists awesome definition. So this particular assignment really caught my attention. What would Cyndy Reid suggest? A phenomenal Pure Austin Fitness Specialist with years of experience–surely she has some answers!

When we received the proofs from the shoot, I took note and took them onto
the floor at the gym. Reid recommended I perform each exercise for 2 to 3 minutes per side. And she made very clear that the key was slow, controlled movements, focusing on a deep squeeze the whole time. Think “ballerina legs,” she said.

These exercises really made my little tree trunks sore. And they took a lot of concentration. So I am going to keep at it. Reshaping my legs, one slow, focused, burning, controlled, ballerina-like movement at a time.

Try it with me; we are going to look so hot!!

To repeat: for each of these exercises, the theme is that they are performed slowly, concentrating on the deep squeeze.

Each movement will take 4 to 6 counts to get into, and 4 to 6 counts to get into the next move. Reid said, “The continuous flow of movement without stopping, combined with the deep, deep squeezing, is what gets you those ballet dancer muscles.”

In the first exercise, Reid starts out at the top of a lunge, taking 4 to 6 counts to sink into the full lunge. She then moves her weight forward into the front leg, taking the back leg up behind her and coming into a tabletop position, with arms stretched out in front of her. From there, she brings the back leg through, lifting it in front of her. Still holding that deep squeeze, she (slowly, with control) swings the leg out and back behind her back into that airplane position and then returns to the top of the lunge. If this exercise is performed correctly, it will take at least 30 seconds to complete. Holding that deep squeeze the whole time is going to burn! Keep it up for 2-3 minutes; then switch sides. Repeat 3 to 4 times per side.

For the next exercise, Reid starts in a plank position on a stability ball, her forearms on the ball. This will engage your core right away, for added bonus! Walk out on the ball until you are in a plank position, with your shins on the top of the ball and your hands below your shoulders. Remember to keep your core engaged here, no sagging or lifted bottoms! Once you get there, bring your leg slowly out to the side, while keeping that deep squeeze. Bring the leg back to parallel, keeping it slightly raised (yes, your core and the static leg are going to be feeling it too). Hold that squeeze! Then, return the raised leg back to the ball and roll yourself back to the forearm plank position. Add an additional leg lift from the forearm plank position on the ball, holding it for that four count. Repeat 3-4 times per side.

Stay focused, keep at it, keep ‘em squeezed, and welcome some hot gams!