Bowling Over Your Workout


What does it take to bring your “a” game to the bowling alley, other than a lot of practice? Outside the alley, you can hone that superior hand-eye coordination, balance, power, flexibility and core stability in the gym. The repetitive movement pattern of bowling lends itself to injury – especially to the shoulders, wrists and hips. Cross-training in the gym should decrease the rate of injury, as strong muscles will increase stability and reduce strain surrounding the joints. Pure Austin Fitness specialist David Schulze shows us some great exercises to enhance your game.

Exercise #1

Pull-Up with Towel

This is similar to the standard pull-up, except you wrap a towel around the bar. This widens the grip surface and increases the recruitment of the forearms. The strong lats built by this exercise will enhance stability during the powerful release of the ball. David recommends three sets of eight reps. this is a tough one; you might need to work up to eight. Bonus: your back is going to look good!

Exercise #2

Split Squat

This next exercise has multiple benefits for the aspiring bowler. Starting in a lunge stance, hold a medicine ball in front with arms bent and twist toward the forward leg. Then, twist toward the back leg while lowering the back knee and increasing the bend in the front leg toward 90 degrees. Reverse the
motion to complete the rep. When holding the ball,
focus on recruiting the lats, not just gripping with the shoulders and arms. The ball should be a weight that challenges you, probably between eight and 20 pounds. This exercise is also going to help you build balance, core stability and strength while increasing flexibility in the hip flexors. David recommends three sets of 12 to 20 reps on each side.

Exercise #3

Standing dumbbell bicep curl to overhead shoulder press

This exercise strengthens the biceps and deltoids, which will in turn increase strength and power during the release of the ball. Stand with feet hip-width apart, perform a bicep curl and press arms overhead. Pick a weight that is going to challenge you in 12 reps. complete three sets.

Exercise #4

Wrist Curl With Wrist Curl Exerciser

This one’s a burner. The forearms are going to fatigue quickly in the beginning, but keep working on this exercise to see great results. With a five- to 10-pound weight attached to the bottom of the rope, raise the rope by curling the wrists in an alternating or wringing pattern. Lower the weight in the same fashion to complete one rep. David notes that wrist injury is the most common bowling injury. Build to three sets of 10 reps. you are going to get pumped!