Four Ways to Tone Up Outside



Greg Gallindo is running out the door of pure austin fitness, where he works as a fitness specialist, and on to lady Bird lake Trail, where he will finish his workout in less than 50 minutes. Cause he’s a busy guy. And sometimes it’s just nice to get out of the gym, but you still need that full body pump. So we asked Gallindo to tell us about his workout on the trail.

Gallindo warms up by running out of pure austin towards the pull-up bars on the south side of the lake by the south 1st street Bridge. Once there he locks in on his only props- the pull-up bars and a n bench-and gets down to business. He does each of these exercises in succession, then repeats them again for a total of 2-3 sets of each exercise.

First up: mixed-grip pull ups–one hand reverse (facing you), one hand facing out so that you engage mid-back, outer back, and bicep muscles at the same time. hands should be shoulder width apart. raise yourself so that your chin is par- allel to the top of the crossbar. switch hands and repeat, 5-15 reps each side. To make this easier, modify by stepping one foot on a bench to help support weight.

Next: tricep bench dips–with hands on bench behind hips and heels on the floor, lower your body so that your arms are 90 degrees from elbow to shoulder, then raise yourself until your arms are fully extended. Go for 15-25 reps.

Then: the heart-pumping “lateral step-overs” on the bench. With one foot on top of a bench and one foot on the floor/ground, step over and across the bench so that you land with the opposing foot on top. Keep upper body and shoulder upright and land with foot shoulder width apart in a squat position. repeat on each side for 10-15 reps.

Last: The plank to push up. Start in a plank position (on forearms, elbows bent 90 degrees to shoulder with hips raised, straight line from heels to shoulders), and hold the plank for 5-15 seconds. Then, push-up to your hands one at a time, so that you are in a push-up position. While there, do two push-ups. drop back down to the plank again. switch hands every time you “walk up” from the plank posi- tion. Go for 10 planks–20 push-ups.