Fighting Fatigue


Far too many people in today’s
 fast-paced world are living an overstressed, overextended and sometimes
 even unfulfilled life. Too much work and
 never-ending demands dictate the way
 we spend our time, leaving us with very
 little of it for play. In an effort to save 
whatever time and energy we have, we 
often turn to fast food, junk food and 
packaged food during mealtimes.
 Unfortunately, these foods do not refuel
us; they actually rob us of energy and 
the ability to store it. This adds to our 
lack of energy and the constant feeling
of fatigue that, in many cases, becomes 
a way of life. Fatigue can cause insom
nia, anxiety, irritability and weight gain.
 It prevents us from exercising, disturbs
hormonal balance and oftentimes adds to stress and leads to feelings of depression.

Tired of being tired? Here are three key ways to re-energize your life: Nourish your body, rebalance yourself, refresh with ample sleep.


Confident that the average L Style G Style reader knows which foods we should and shouldn’t be eating, but here’s a quick refresher. It’s important to eat seven to nine servings of fruits and vegetables each day, and choose lean meats and whole grains. And, of course, too much sugar, white flower and red meat in your diet will negatively impact your health. But even if your diet isn’t perfect, you can make small improvements every day by adding one or two healthy ingredients, which will dramatically impact your overall nutrition.

It’s also wise to take a daily vitamin. Virtually all daily vitamins on the market today include key nutrients that play a major role in energy production. These nutrients are needed to complete the energy cycle inside the cell, and if they are missing, fatigue ensues, the body declines and health is risked. For this reason, healthcare professionals recommend at least a daily vitamin to ensure minimal requirements are met and that the body stores nutrients to avoid depletion. I recommend taking a whole-food based vitamin – one that is extracted from a living food instead of one that is synthesized in a lab. Whole-food based vitamins are easier for the body to absorb and contain other active components such as co-factors and co-synergists. Be aware that when reading the label on such vitamins it will seem like there is a big difference in the amount of content per tablet.

This can be a bit confusing, so here’s a brief explanation: When nutrients are extracted from a food source, the entire nutrient complex remains intact as it exists in nature and, therefore, it is very potent. You would have to consume large quantities of “naked” vitamins made in a lab to achieve a similar result.


Adrenal health and stress management play a big role in fatigue. One job of the body’s adrenals is to produce and release hormones that help balance blood sugar, the main fuel of our bodies. When under duress, the adrenal glands demand a substantial supply of nutrients. Over time, the adrenals can wear out. Regular repair is needed for proper refueling to help with fatigue. A good basic daily vitamin, a high potency B complex and herbs like licorice, ginseng, eluthero and ashwaganda are good for the cause. Adrenal gland extracts may also be considered for helping combat stress-related fatigue.


When we sleep, our bodies activate a “renewal cycle” that repairs and rebuilds. To keep up with the high demands during our waking hours, sleep must be deep and consistent. Mother Nature has great respect for sleep. Case in point: Many animals live in hibernation for prolonged periods of time in order to renew and preserve themselves. It’s important that you address sleeping issues if you have them. Please note that most prescription medications are habit-forming, have some dangerous side effects and produce only a light sleep, which can actually worsen overall sleep quality. Only deep stages of sleep will provide restoration. If you are having a hard time achieving restful, quality sleep, first be sure you are getting a proper supply and a good form of minerals in your diet (especially calcium and magnesium). Then consult a professional about which natural remedy is right for you. Several effective natural options that help promote sleep include valerian root, hops, passionflower, L-theanin, GABA, 5 HTP and melatonin.

Make knocking out fatigue one of your goals by following these three simple steps. Not only will you feel reenergized, you’ll feel healthier and happier, too.