The Right Place for Some Juicy G


Halloween and Thanksgiving and New Year’s and Valentine’s Day and President’s Day Weekend are over and you’re really ready to tackle that promise you made yourself to consume more local, organic veggies. But where do you start? Greenling has you covered.

Everyone knows that Greenling delivers local, organic produce for cooking up healthy dinners, but if you’d rather have a liquid lunch, that’s cool too. Greenling’s juicing kits will have you downing nutritious vitamins without having to smack yourself in the head like those V8 people who can’t ever remember what they were supposed to drink.

Of course, you have to be a Greenling customer, but signing up is easy and having food appear on your doorstep is about as convenient as it gets. The pre-cut juicing kit ingredients feed into your juicer in the order on the label.


Beet Boxer

Organic spinach, kale, beets, celery and apple have it all over the canned, sodium-laden store-bought stuff.


Celery, apples, mint and lime get you all hydrated and thoroughly prepared to get your groove on, if getting your groove on is something you enjoy…which you should.

The Love Cleanse

Fresh cucumbers, kale, parsley, spinach, celery, and coconut water help clean out your cobwebs.

Refresco Suave

Looking to kick your endorphins into gear? Apples, cilantro, cucumber, lime, and as many jalapeños as you can handle will do the trick.