Go Natural


If you’re like us, you probably prefer natural, nonprocessed and nonchemical remedies for your face and body. Thankfully, more and more companies (both local and national) are recognizing this need and stepping in to fill the void. When you’re reading the ingredients of a particular product and you can’t pronounce the first few or can’t figure out what one is—you’re better off going with something basic and botanical.

Maca Powder

Maca is a type of turnip that is native to Peru. It is used medicinally for healthy libido, increased stamina, and increased energy levels. It may also support healthy hormone balance. Studies have identified four alkaloids in maca that help to support the endocrine system and work to support your body during periods of stress. Maca is a source for calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, vitamin C, amino acids, protein, fiber, fatty acids, and plant sterols. Maca powder is excellent to use in baking and smoothies. It has a mild sweet flavor that can complement many foods and beverages. A great brand found locally is Navitas.

Coconut Oil

A rich source of medium chain triglycerides. The liver and gallbladder are not required to emulsify this kind of fat, so it is quickly absorbed into the tissues. This means that the body receives an instant energy source (great way to give up caffeine) and an increased metabolic rate, leading to more heat produc- tion and increased circulation. Coconut oil is a wonderful anti- oxidant that helps the body retain more omega 3. It may support healthy weight management, immune support, healthy cholesterol levels, blood sugar balance, thyroid support, and healthy inflammatory levels. It can be used as a skin lotion, massage oil, and hair and scalp oil. It is good for cooking and is a perfect substitute for traditional cooking oils. The oil can be cooked at high temperatures, such as in frying, and it will not turn into a saturated fat as do some other oils (olive oil, canola oil, etc.). Try Garden of Life, 365, and Nature’s Way.