Geared Up for the New Year!


Kathy Redden, Master Fitness specialist at Pure austin, likes to be dressed and ready for any adventure–whether it is on the trail, at the gym, or beyond. and as we all know, along with being ready for adventure, it is always important to look cute! Redden showed us some of her fitness-ready, fashionable gear.

Redden is wearing the Prana Leyla Top and the Prana McKenzie Knicker. The top is made from recycled, moisture-wicking stretchy fabric with crisscross back straps that make it very functional in the gym. The pants have a flat-front, fitted style and also have the comfy stretchy fabric that is critical when practicing yoga. Redden also brought her Prana ECO yoga mat, which is made using a toxin-free manufacturing practice. It’s also a great size for carrying on a bike!

Speaking of carrying things on a bike, her women-specific laptop bag, the Osprey Flap Jill, is also really slick. Catching up on email before or after yoga class while enjoying a cup of tea makes for a relaxing morning, as long as toting the mat and laptop on your bike is not a headache! This Osprey bag is designed not to slip off a woman’s shoulder.

After class, Redden slips on her SOLE Recovery Flips. Why recovery shoes? Because all of the training and being race-ready isn’t so kind on your poor feet. The SOLE flip is designed specifically to help feet relax. A deep heel cup, a supportive arch, and heel-to-toe contact convince your foot it’s safe to take a break.