Gear Up!


Nothing says “ready to take on the challenges of the new year” like some fully functional, ready-to-go-out- and-get-‘em workout wear. Pure Austin Master Fitness Specialist Ricci Newland showed off some of his go-to workout gear. An avid trail runner, Newland values clothes that keep him ready for any terrain or weather condition.

Workout motivation is definitely buoyed up by having the right clothes–ones that both look and perform great. Newland is wearing his favorite Salomon Trail Runner 2 shirt and Salomon xT Lite II shorts. The silver-infused shirt has anti-stink properties and UV 35+ protection, as well as superior performance and wicking properties. The trail shorts are perfect for long trail runs because of their chafe-free support and, of course, UV protective and moisture-wicking fabric. Plus, they look slick! Not pictured here, but still in Newland’s trail arsenal, is the 7 oz. Marmot Mica jacket. This is another great piece to ensure that you are prepared for all conditions, but only adding the lightest weight to your load.

The right running shoe is the linchpin of whether you are going to love or hate your running experience. Newland is rockin’ the Salomon xT Wings 2. These trail runners are great for our Austin rocky trail terrain but make a great Lady Bird Lake trail shoe, too. These shoes are lightweight, responsive, and…also look really cool.

Another great way to make sure you maximize that workout is to keep a tight watch on your time–so Newland is wearing the Sunnto Quest. This slick bit of timepiece wizardry goes beyond measuring your (real-time) heart rate, speed, distance, and cadence. You can download your training programs and analyze your training results as well. Every athlete knows the value of being able to review his post-workout results and knowing where he pushed himself hard enough to make lasting change!

Not one to downplay the benefits of recovery, Newland also showed up with his favorite pair of post-workout shoes, the Sole Recovery Slides. These unassuming shoes have major foot-loving benefits. They have a deep heel cup, support throughout the arch, and mold to the whole foot. Likea nice deep post-workout exhale for your foot.