Yoga Preparation for ACL


Hours of standing during the long days of amazing acts at Austin City Limits Festival will take some training. Warrior One is a powerful posture that will fire you up. It can be performed as part of a sun salutation sequence to prepare and open the body for practice.

1 Start with feet hips-width apart.

2 Step the right leg back about four feet.

3  Turn the rear foot out 45 degrees, while the left foot faces forward. You should be able to draw a line from the heel of your front foot to the heel of your rear foot.

4  Keep your torso lifted, with the rib cage stretching up and away from the hips. The tendency might be to hinge forward with the torso, in response to the burning front leg. Stay upright— be a warrior in the pain of the burning in your quads.


Your hip points should be facing forward, so that if there were a headlight on each hip bone, they would be shining straight ahead.It’s easy to get caught up thinking about the front leg, and how much the quad is burning, so put some mental focus into that rear leg. Think about pressing the outside of your rear foot to the ground to strengthen the back leg.

The arms should be straight and strong, with energy radiating out the fingertips. Have you ever wondered why yogis can have such strong arms without ever lifting a weight? One reason is that they activate and engage their muscles—even in a non-weight-bearing exercise. Prepare to receive and reflect all the amazing energy coming your way!