Top 10: Mother’s Day Ideas


Every year around this time, you can always find a handful of people scavenging the internet, desperately searching for a Mother’s Day tip. And truthfully, there’s nothing to be ashamed of. Last-minute shopping is common when you can’t quite think of the perfect way to show mom your appreciation. Luckily, for those who’ve put off the task long enough, here’s a few thoughtful and inventive ideas to make this Mother’s Day a special one.

10.Memories for Mom

medium_13706641803 We all know how mothers love to capture and revisit special moments. What better gift to surprise her with than a photo album? Show her that you cherish those memories just as much as she does, so much that you took the time to put together all of her favorites for her to keep for a lifetime. The good ol’ scrapbook is a classic route, but now you can even create a photo book for as little as $20 with smartphone apps like Mosaic. Using pictures from your smartphone, you can create a personalized photo book and in just four days, have it delivered right to your front door. It doesn’t get any more convenient than that!

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9. A Good Ol’ Movie Night


Something simple like a movie date with mom can do the trick as well – especially if Sunday rolls around and you find yourself gift-less and all the malls are closed. But if the movies is a bit of a stretch, a stay-in movie night will be just as thoughtful. Scroll through Netflix, pop some popcorn and spend the night in with mom.

Sidenote: Dropping out of the sky just when we need it is Jon and Andrew Erwin’s comedy, Mom’s Night Out, hitting theaters this Friday.

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8. Dinner Time!

medium_8438399470Remember when you were a kid and mom was always right on time with breakfast, lunch, and dinner? This Mother’s Day, return the favor and make sure she’s good and full. If you can’t find the perfect place to take her, we have a suggestion. Our friends over at Trio at Four Seasons Hotel will surely impress mom with their exceptional menu, amazing wine selection and vibrant atmosphere. It’ll be a fine dining experience she’ll never forget.

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 7. Not a Dinner Person?


Dinner is always a good option, but Brunch is an even better pick! And if you’re not quite sure who’s serving up the best brunch in town, Fonda San Miguel and Gusto’s are welcoming all to their Mother’s Day Brunches this Sunday.

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6. Jewelry She’ll Love



Nothing says, “I love you, Mom,” like a beautiful necklace, bracelet, or ring that she’ll be able to cherish forever. Now, I know I don’t always have the best taste in jewelry and if any of you are anything like me, you may need a bit of direction. Our close friend Milton Doolittle, owner of Benold’s Jewelers can definitely help you with that, guiding you to the perfect pick for mom this Mother’s Day that she can’t help but to fall in love with.

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5. Something Sweet



Anyone have a mom with a sweet tooth? This idea could be a great replacement for dinner or brunch, especially if your mom loves to indulge in the sweeter things in life like cake balls or gelato! This idea definitely gives you a chance to spend a little quality time with mom. Surprise her with some treats and take a stroll through the park while snacking on a few of her favorite sweets and catching up like the good old days.

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4. Something Beautiful for Someone Beautiful


You can never go wrong with beautiful spring flowers on Mother’s Day. A fresh, fragrant arrangement of flowers always brings a cheerful smile out of mom. Watch the corners of her lips curve when you give her a simple, yet thoughtful gift that she can’t refuse. More than likely, she’ll have them displayed on the kitchen table or a windowsill before you know it! Cow girls and Flowers have a vivacious selection that’ll make this gift the perfect one.

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3. A Spa Day is Always Lovely


It’s no secret that being a mother is one of the toughest jobs of all time. I can surely attest to that, having watched my mom work very hard day in and day out and not just taking care of me, but taking care of others as well. Mom duties seem to never be over, except on Mother’s Day. Treat your mom to a lovely spa day, where she can enjoy a little “me time,” relax and be pampered because she surely deserves it. Texas’ top day spa, milk + honey, have amazing Mother’s Day packages, retreats she’ll without a doubt appreciate.

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2. Get Creative


We’re nearing the end of our Mother’s Day idea list, and my guess is if you haven’t stumbled across the perfect gift by now, you may be leaning more on the creative side. I’m a huge fan of getting creative for holidays and my personal favorite is none other than the holiday gift basket. Gift baskets work for every special occasion, Mother’s Day included. Show mom that you’re not only appreciative, but attentive. Fill up a basket with all of her favorites (snacks, candles, DVDS, wine, products she loves) and she’ll beam with excitement, marveling at all her new goodies that she can’t wait to open. If you like this idea, but you’re not too crafty, ready-made Mother’s Day gift baskets aren’t too hard to find around town.

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1. Words that Warm the Heart


When all else fails and you can’t think of a way to show how much you care, simply tell her! Sometimes we get so wrapped up in the idea of buying things that show how much we love the people we care about that we fail to honor the true holiday. Mother’s Day is about showing appreciation to our mothers who have nurtured and cared for us, protected and supported us, and raised us to be the brilliant people we are today. No gift says the words, “thank you,” “i love you,” and “I appreciate all that you’ve done,” better than the words themselves. Mother’s Day cards with handwritten messages, letters, or even better, a heartfelt conversation with mom can all get those words from your heart to hers.

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Happy Mother’s Day from L Style G Style !