Top 10: Some of Our Favorite Bisexual Films


We’ve brought you our top lesbian and gay films, and now, as we get closer to the end of our top LGBT films lists, we couldn’t help but to deliver our top bisexual film picks!

10. Dodgeball 2004

Dear Dodgeball fans: remember Kate, who revealed her bisexuality near the end of Rawson Marshall Thurber’s 2004 hit? Now, it’s probably been awhile since most have seen this comedy, but it’s quite refreshing to go back and give it a watch – especially if you’re looking for some laughs with a side of one of our favorite bisexual characters. 9. Wild Things 1998 Wild Things, arguably, marks the beginning of the teen-bisexual-thriller trend. Noted for having twisted plot lines, and a heated and rather inappropriate romance (including two bisexual characters, Kelly and Suzie), this thriller is one you’d want to pay close attention to – or else you may miss a crucial piece to this sinister plot. 8. The Hunger 1983 Before the new-age vampire craze, back when vampires were feared and not so much desired for companionship, there was The Hunger – a 1983 British horror film that documented the story of a rather messy love triangle between a well-established doctor (Dr. Sarah Roberts) and a dangerous vampire couple. Roberts is in for more than she bargained for with Miriam, the immortal vamp that can’t resist the mutual attraction (and neither can Roberts, who has a boyfriend by the way). Things get a little – well, you should see for yourself. Oh, and David Bowie, who stars in the film as well, is always a plus! 7. Basic Instinct 1992 This neo-noir thriller made its debut in 1992, introducing us all to the infamous bisexual psychopath. While the film generated much controversy due to the portrayal of a bisexual woman as a, “murderous narcissistic psychopath,” Basic Instinct still made a huge splash in the film world and left us with a bisexual character we can’t forget! 6. Bedrooms and Hallways 1998 While we seem to be recruiting bi-themed films of the 90’s, it’s a no-brainer that we include this one. This comedy-drama is, well, pretty much all about bisexuality, or rather the complexities of sexuality. This UK favorite makes it onto our list because what’s not to love about this fun, 90’s comedy? 5. Rent 2005 Rent made its debut in 2005 and brought us into the world of Maureen Johnson, a bisexual character we’re all pretty familiar with. While Maureen seems to fit many negative stereotypes of bisexuality, it’s noted that her behavior isn’t necessarily attributed to her sexuality and we can definitely appreciate that. Aside from such critical feedback, we still celebrate characters like Maureen, who are complex at times, but still solid characters we can appreciate. 4. Bi The Way 2008 This documentary made its world premier back in 2008 at Austin’s own SXSW and has since been aired at numerous film festivals and eventually the Logo Network in 2009. The film documents a road trip in which the film’s creators follow the lives of several young bisexuals as they confront the issues and conversation surrounding bisexuality. Such an insightful film had to make our top ten list! 3. Sunday Bloody Sunday 1971 Here’s a throwback: 1971’s Sunday Bloody Sunday, a British film that shares the story of a young and free-spirited bisexual man and his simultaneous romances with both a male Jewish doctor and a female recruitment consultant. For its time, the film is highly progressive as it celebrates bisexuality with a compelling depiction of a successful bisexual man comfortable in his sexuality. It’s definitely a must-see! 2. Chasing Amy 1997 This romantic comedy is one we can’t help but to love and celebrate, especially for its bisexual character Alyssa Jones. When a friendship between lead characters, comic-maven Holden and said-to-be lesbian Alyssa, turns into something more, we start to see the true complexities of relationships. And while we experience the characters ups and down, we still come out absolutely loving this film! 1. The Color Purple 1985 It’s quite hard to ignore the chemistry between Celie and Shug (although it’s much clearer in Alice Walker’s award-winning novel and definitely not watered down to one single kissing scene). This classic casts a light on one of the most beautiful, fictional relationships, and most memorable and captivating bisexual characters I’ve ever witnessed. Ms. Celie and jazz-beaut Shug Avery come in at number one as two of our favorite bisexual characters to hit the big screen. If you haven’t gotten around to watching The Color Purple, it comes on cable television enough, however, be prepared to set aside your day’s plans because the film is a bit long (but totally worth every minute).