This fur is always in season


If you want to know the real ins and outs of caring for your canine inside and out, head over to Bark n’ Purr and bring a notebook. It turns out that the most important factor in coat health is the food that you feed your cat or dog. Become a label reader. Be wary of foods that utilize corn gluten meal and by-product meal. Avoid shampoos that contain sodium lauryl sulfate and other detergents; any natural oils in the primary ingredients are a good indication of a truly moisturizing shampoo. You run your dog out among the trees, right? Stick close to nature to guarantee a silky- smooth pup.

Too many pet owners don’t pay enough attention to the products they buy for their furry friends. All shampoos are not created equal. Just like the natural ingredients you look for on the back of a bag of food,so should you be able to pronounce the components of your dog’s bath-time fixtures. Some dogs are extremely sensitive to shampoos that contain sodium lauryl sulfate. Spring for a bottle that is stuffed full of nature’s best as the air gets cold and dry. Lather your pup with AvoDerm’s Oatmeal Sham- poo and remember to rinse with mildly warm water. Keep this up at regular intervals to avoid allergy misery: It’s that time of year for dogs too!

If your four-legged sidekick isn’t getting the nutrition necessary to support his vital internal systems, the nutrients needed to keep his skin and coat moisturized will never make it out that far. Meat-based food can help eliminate itchy skin and paws, kidney stones and ear infections because the protein particles are so much easier for our carnivo- rous pets to digest. Plant protein par- ticles are too big and get pushed out to the skin as waste, thus causing the irritations. Our experts recommend adding a wet food like Tripett Green Beef Tripe, Duck and Salmon as a healthy treat for your canine pal. It contains a huge amount of vitamins, minerals and enzymes that will ensure you’re giving the best nutri- tion possible. This particular variety with duck and salmon helps to boost the Omega-3 levels in your dog’s diet, a hugely important contributor to healthy, shiny coats!

Kelp? As in, seaweed? That’s right, animal lovers, kelp. The logic behind supporting this grassy green supple- ment isn’t far off from the meat-based foods. The high concentration of essen- tial minerals found in kelp allows for the body to operate more efficiently, giving the skin and coat the good stuff they deserve. Additionally, Organic Norwegian Kelp serves as a cleanser for the digestive tract, as well as giving the immune system a boost. The shop’s owner said they’ve seen kelp reduce allergies and stress, as well as improve coat health. Bring on the sea grass!