Go back to basics for the healthiest doggie meals and treats.

The raw food regimen has made the leap from upscale humans-only eateries to being enjoyed by the most discerning dog palates. Pet shops all over town have invested in freezers full of real meat patties, nuggets and powders.

Woofgang Bakery has more than just good cakes. They are a full-service boutique offering groomers, gifts and four freezers full of the goods. The owner at this shop on South Lamar swears by the stuff; the whole food items packed and frozen into pieces have a long list of pros. It makes sense: The folks who put these meals together strive to replicate what dogs would eat if they still ran wild. And so, canines who eat the stuff are said to have allergies, anxieties, weight issues and illnesses as severe as cancer fade away. Primal Nuggets are all the rage—whether your pup prefers game birds, chicken or beef, he’s covered. Feeling the urge to throw a party for your pup? Go for it! Everything you need is available here and they bake it all in house. Get a stack of burger patties for dinner, then indulge in doggie ice cream, a cake and personalized bones for all the partygoers. Go dog wild!

When out in the Hill Country, stop by Dogadillo and treat your dog to something special. The store carries several varieties of frozen meals, though Primal is also the most popular with dogs out in that neck of the woods. The people at Primal combine steroid-free raw meats, bones and berries for complete nutri- tion. Roaming around amongst cedar trees, cactus and creek beds works up an appetite! You’ll want to keep your dog in high-protein dinners, and reward their loyalty with a hand- made dessert. The beautiful bakery case is stocked fresh from

Cardinal Hill Bakery in Round Rock. Another favorite item Dogadillo keeps in stock is a locally made treat that keep tails a’waggin’. Brew Biscuits are just about the most radical dog treats around. Grab a resealable rice-paper package of these cookies, and you’ll be supporting the environment as well. They are the perfect start to a relaxing weekend: Baked with the vitamin-rich fermented barley leftover from East Austin craft brewery Hops and Grain, they just might keep your dog from knocking over your beer!

Interested in cutting out the middleman and cooking for your own canine? Before beginning, be sure homemade dog food fits your budget, schedule and level of commitment. Always chat with your vet before switching to homemade, as it will be necessary for you to carefully select the right ingredients for your dog’s activity level, age, and potential allergies, as well as to ensure he’s getting the right portion size of a properly balanced meal. Chocolate is not the only ingredient harmful to Fido, so do your research!

In general, a balanced meal for a dog is similar to what most humans consider a full square. You’ll want to start with about equal amounts of meat, veggies and rice. Begin by cooking up bite-sized pieces of whatever meat is recommended for your pooch, creating about a 90/10 ratio of chicken or beef to nutrient-rich organ meat. Next, boil a variety of veggies like carrots, green beans, and peas until tender. Drain. Choose between sweet potatoes and rice for the starch. If you’re concerned about an allergy, stick with the spud and cook it with your veggies. If not, go ahead and boil the rice, mix and serve!