Put Some Skin In The Game


What are the markers of a successful summer? Besides working up a sweat and staying focused, you also want to smell good. Proper hygiene at the gym is a given, but we don’t all use the best products. Here are some of our summer must-haves to keep you fresh and clean.


I have received the most positive feedback from Herban Cowboy’s Maximum Protection Deodorant. There are special formulas for men and women, and they are 100 percent vegan.

The first ingredient that caught my attention is rice starch. This will help with the absorption of moisture. Sweating is one of the body’s ways of eliminating toxins, and although this product allows your body to sweat, you will still feel dry. This deodorant also includes a variety of natural antiseptic ingredients, including parsley, sage, and rosemary extracts, zinc, and silver.

Herban Cowboy uses some of the freshest scents. Men who love their cologne may be impressed with the Dusk fragrance used in the line of natural products.

Black African Soap

One of the newest, yet oldest, crazes is black African soap. This soap has been passed down from many generations in several African traditions. Its color comes from cooking the soap to the point of charcoal. Ashes are added to hot oils and then cooked and dried for many hours. Charcoal is fantastic to use to detoxify and purify the skin. The extensive cooking and curing process makes authentic black soap mild and gentle to use on all skin types. Try using this soap for bathing babies, shaving, shampooing, after-sun care, and washing hands, bodies, and faces. It can also be used as an all-purpose household soap.

Our favorite brand of black African soap is Alaffia. Their products are hand made by their Certified Fair Trade Cooperatives in Togo, West Africa.


We love Lumina Health’s Cellfood. In the company’s line of supplements and body care products, Cellfood contains dissolved oxygen, trace minerals, and plant-sourced amino acids and enzymes. The human body was created during a time when the atmosphere contained a higher concentration s of oxygen. That means that your body is designed to operate on a certain level of oxygen supply and functions best when the oxygen intake is adequate. Not only If you live in the city, your oxygen supply is even lower. By supplementing your body with oxygen, you can see an increase in energy levels, heightened memory and concentration, boosted metabolism and increased endurance.

In addition to oxygen, Cellfood also contains electrolytes. During the hot summer, it is important to replenish these essential minerals that your body has sweat out. Add several drops of Cellfood to your water; it adds a lemony flavor that is also thirst quenching.