Mud Puppies Starts the Day with Dance Fever


We all know Monday mornings can sometimes be a drag, even with all the coffee in the world. But imagine trading in your Starbucks for a dance party to kick start your day? Edward Flores, owner and manager at Mud Puppies, knows how to get his employees pumped and it’s not with your typical Monday morning fixes. He cranks up the volume, hits record and the parties on – sometimes even before the sun comes up. And just like that, each morning, Mud Puppies starts its day with a dance-off.

“After you’ve seen your co-workers bust a move and everyone is laughing, we’re all ready to work.”

So what’s the inspiration behind Mud Puppies’ ritual? Flores says, “the morning dance parties has always been just to have fun.” He believes a little dancing gets his employees ready to work better than a daily dose of caffeine and by the time they’ve jammed to the latest tunes, coffee is the last thing on anyone’s mind.

The dance parties have done more than just get the day started – dancing also serves as a first-day-jitters remedy for new employees as well.

“They’re nervous, worried and usually don’t want to do it. But when they see all their co-workers, including their boss dancing around, that wall comes down. You can truly see them start to let loose, and have fun!”

What else is in it for Flores? Well, it’s quite simple. He says the dance parties shows his clients that their dogs are being taken care of by people who truly love their job, and the dogs and their parents are the number one priority.

So the next time you’re thinking of ways to kick your morning into gear, try a little dance party and see if that does the trick. After all, it works for Mud Puppies!

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