Jenner’s Journey


How often do you find yourself flipping through the pages of the latest gossip magazine while waiting in line at the grocery store? Or aimlessly scrolling down your Facebook feed clicking almost every article with a gripping baiting title? I’m sure many people are guilty of it – waiting to be fed the next big story, whether it be genuine and authentic or not.

This week InTouch fed us Bruce Jenner’s “life as a woman,” and while many were outraged by the publication’s actions, even more  ate it up, giving the magazine massive exposure. Many have speculated that Jenner’s recent behavior, decisions and appearance may indicate that he exploring gender fluid roles in his dress at the very least and possibly even beginning the stages of transitioning. The speculation surrounded around Jenner’s supposed transition only gained fuel with InTouch’s controversial cover. Jenner’s face, which appeared to be altered with heavy make-up, had been photoshopped on to a woman’s body (former “Dynasty” star Stephanie Beacham).

It’s no secret that Jenner’s appearance has changed over time – he’s flattened his Adam’s apple and has been seen with longer hair and nail polish on the tail end of his divorce with reality star Kris Jenner. But does this mean his personal life and possible struggle with self-identity are up for exploitation? It’d be embarrassing to say that the spotlight cast on his life and plight are merely for our entertainment and publications’ ratings and views, but that is  true. Sadly, as a part of our culture, we’re drawn to these stories even when it’s painfully obvious the subjects of these controversies could use some respect and empathy at the times they are struggling with issues deeper than what appears on the surface.

At L Style G Style, we choose to tell authentic stories about the LGBT community  and our allies. Through these “kitchen table conversations,” we  seek truth and understanding – a common ground where we can come together and start a healthy and encouraging dialogue about the issues and even triumphs in our community. It may not be every publication’s style, but it’s one that does more good than harm.

We hope, at some point, Bruce Jenner will get to speak his own truth and choose his own way. And even if he decides to never do so, it’s important for us to remember he owes no one an explanation and it’s not our duty to make one up.

What are your thoughts on the controversial cover?

Burning Question

How can we bring awareness to topics such as these without crossing the line into exploitation?


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