Tribe 8 To Reunite at the Inaugural OUTsider Festival


If you haven’t snagged your badges to the first-ever OUTsider Film & Arts Festival, here’s even more reason to get yours fast – OUTsider has officially announced their inaugural Legacy Award recipient, the queercore punk band known as none other than Tribe 8. Embodying the best qualities of a cultural misfit, making them most fitting for the inaugural honor, Tribe 8 is set to receive the Legacy Award this February. Tribe 8 managed to charm the 90s with their progressive boldness, originality and as OUTsider would put it, “brilliant misbehavior.”

The all-lesbian band, who hailed from San Francisco, was no stranger to controversy; they were known for defying the norms of a very straight-white-male-dominated punk/rock industry with music that centered around subjects like women, queer and transfolk and the issues surrounding them. The tribe pushed the envelope with with songs like Butch In The Streets, Frat Pigs, and Wrong Bathroom. With much authenticity and personality, the group made their mark as liberating performers, arguably one of the first groups to “[tear] their way out of every box.”

Now, for the first time in many years, they’ll be reuniting for a much-deserved tribute. The celebration will include a retrospective of their work, both in and out of Tribe 8, and an highly anticipated tribute of wild performances and Tribe 8 favorites. So, about those badges – you wouldn’t want to miss this legendary reunion would you?

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What are your favorite Tribe 8 hits?


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February 18-22

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