Herbal Power


Growing up in the Northeast, springtime usually meant a runny nose and itchy eyes, depending on whatever was floating in the air. Still, as someone who had asthma as a young child, I’d already received allergy shots for several years and my allergies were manageable. Claritin usually did the trick on those rare occasions when I was suffering a lot.

However, when I moved to Austin I had no idea about this nefarious ailment known as “cedar fever” that almost everyone in this city seems to suffer from in some way. Typically running from mid-December through mid-February, cedar pollen prompts a range of reactions from headaches, congestion, sneezing and sore throats to general lethargy. In January 2010 I had my first bout and felt like I had the flu for three weeks. I was unable to function normally.

I tried every conceivable remedy over the next two years, from over- the-counter pills to medicinal teas and more, but nothing really worked consistently. Sorry, I’m just not a Neti Pot guy. Then I discovered Austin- based Third Coast Herb Company, which produces a line of concentrated, and highly effective, herb drops that are based on the formulas used in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Simply add 20 to 30 drops to water and drink it once or twice a day. Within a week of taking their Easy Breather formula, I found relief. I recommend trying all of these products wholeheartedly, including Deep Sleep for anyone who struggles with getting a good night’s rest. They’re available online at herbalogic.com and at Whole Foods Market. Coming soon: Flashback for menopausal symptoms, Fixed Focus for mental concentration, and Quiet Mind for nervous agitation.

Deep Sleep, 2 oz. $29

Supports healthy restful sleep, quieting of a “busy brain,” easing of nervousness and less dream-disturbed sleep.

Easy Breather, 2 oz. $24

Promotes healthy nasal sinuses, normal nighttime breathing, open and healthy ears and relief of minor throat irritation.