Hate your job? JbDubs does too, fashionably


It’s Monday, and we all know what Monday means, starting off your week with that dreadful pile of work that you’ve temporarily neglected as a of last Friday. Not to mention, you’re strapped to a desk possibly, surrounded by your lovely, or not-so-lovely co-workers. And your boss may be a pain too, just to add to the reasons why you hate your job. Now, you’re realizing you hate your boss, your co-workers, your job, or maybe all three. Well, you’re not alone because the fiercest man in town does too!


Let’s revisit JbDub’s 2011 hit, “I hate my job.” When the well-received video first hit Youtube, its sentiments most likely settled well with many. The uptempo, energetic tune paired with Beyonce-inspired choreography and of course, the most stunning gay trio of fierce dancers (with JbDubs assuming lead) is definitely a refreshing treat in the midst of a hectic work week. But even those fortunate enough to have less stressful jobs can still appreciate this fun and engaging video. And let’s not forget what makes this video golden, JbDubs and his dancers fabulously strutting their stuff in red pumps, cute boy shorts and black ties! Take a look for yourself below and have a happy Monday!