The mojito: Cool drink for hot days


By Michael Bepko

Let’s face it: The mild temperatures this summer are giving way to the all-too-familiar intensely hot and humid weather we expect from a Central Texas summer. Refusing to accept the inevitable will make the suffering even worse. My suggestion to maintain an adequate level of comfort is to find an activity that can compliment (dare I say enhance) the hottest part of the day… and may I suggest a mojito?!

pleasant2The mojito originated in Cuba, and dates back to as early as the 17th century. It’s a simple cocktail composed of only a few ingredients: white rum, fresh lime juice, sugar, soda water and mint leaves. A common theory behind the name is that mojito is a derivative of mojadito (Spanish for “a little wet”) or a diminutive of mojado, meaning simply “wet”. Sounding better already, isn’t it?

While this drink has become commonplace in the Austin bar scene, there’s one spot where the entire culinary perspective is like an escape to Havana. Located in the Warehouse District, Pleasant Storage Room offers a cocktail program entirely focused on rum and is unlike anything you’ll find right now in the city. Their mojito is the perfect balance between tangy and sweet, and is filled to the brim with crushed ice making it exceptionally refreshing. In addition to fantastic drinks, Pleasant Storage Room offers a full menu of Caribbean-style street food, which lends a much-needed hand in balancing a mojito-soaked afternoon, which you should plan to have this Saturday, August 16 in celebration of National Rum Day. Salud!

Pleasant Storage Room
208 West 4th St., Unit D