Ancient Remedies for Modern Ailments


We’re all going about our busy days in a frenzied rush, trying to squeeze as much productivity out of ourselves as possible while also being bombarded with nonstop information. That type of sensory overload—heaven forbid we unplug from Facebook, Twitter, our cell phones and email for very long—can be very stressful. So even if you don’t suffer from allergies, the founders of Austin-based Third Coast Herb Company have a few formulas that will posi- tively impact your everyday life.

I started to use Decompress in mid-January when I was feeling stressed. I’m not saying it’s a magic cure, but I do think that it works when used in combination with whatever de-stressing activity you prefer (yoga, running, the gym, acupuncture). And if your workouts are more intense, whether because of a 2012 resolution or not, you might benefit from Peak Power.

In our pill-popping culture, natural remedies have a special appeal. The company’s founders, Jeanine Adinaro and David Jones, both licensed acupuncturists, decided to bridge the gap between our Western health culture and the traditional Chinese way after a visit to China’s Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Mix 20 to 30 drops with water once or twice a day as needed. And turn off your cell phone and computer for a while each day: Your brain will thank you.