A Post-Party Twist


1 Begin by lying down on a mat.

2 Bring your hips up and shift your body a couple of inches to the left. Your arms will be out in a “T” position, horizontally from your shoulders.

3 Wrap your left leg over your right.

4 If it helps you to deepen the stretch, place a blanket or a block under your shoulder.

5 With each exhale, release a little further. You can hold this pose up to several minutes on a side.

6 To come out, roll to one side and gently bring yourself to a seated position.


Consider a personal practice centered around twists if you are feeling like you’ve overindulged. Twisting works like wringing out a towel—you get the excess stuff out so there is room for the “clean” blood to enter.

This pose may look familiar, since Eagle is often practiced standing. In the standing pose as well, the compression and release encourages the renewal of freshly oxygenated blood deeper into the layers of your body.