Film: ‘The Suicide Theory’ Wins AFF Audience Award


With over 130 films screened and over 100 panels, last month’s Austin Film Festival bills itself as “the writer’s festival.” Last week AFF announced its 2014 Screenplay and Teleplay competition winners. Chosen by both a jury and AFF audiences, winners walked away with cash prizes as well as industry recognition and access. Screenwriter Monica Zanetti went home a winner, earning Honorable Mention for the film Skin Deep, a heartwarming tale following an unlikely pair, one facing terminal melanoma and the other a local grungy lesbian, pushed beyond their comfort zones. Michael J. Kospiah, writer of the feature film The Suicide Theory, went home a winner as well, receiving an Audience Award for Dark Matters Feature– feature films that fall along the lines of horror, thriller, or sci-fi genres and embodies dark themes or unconventional subject matter.

Directed by Australian filmmaker Dru Brown, the LGBT-themed drama follows a young gay man Percival who struggles with tragedy after his partner dies. After attempting suicide several times – and failing – Percival begins to believe he is cursed. He hires a hitman, Steve, who’s also had his share of struggles, to kill him. The two form an unlikely friendship in the midst of their hardships.

Congratulations to New York based screenwriter Michael J. Kospiah for the win. The Suicide Theory continues to make its rounds in the film festival circuit. Enjoy the film’s trailer below.

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