The Finicky Four


A vegetarian, a gluten-free/dairy-free, and an omnivore walk into a bar… with a friend.

Welcome to THE FINICKY FOUR, our new Food & Drink review with an Austin twist. With food phobias, allergies and preferences becoming ever more pervasive, we wanted to give feedback not only on a restaurant, but give feedback meeting individual tastes and needs. The idea was born on a recent trip to a popular and trending restaurant. For an omnivore in the group, who will happily devour everything on the menu, the dishes were outstanding, and she had more than enough satisfying options. The same was not true for others at our table with food restrictions. For our vegetarian friend, there was not a single meatless main dish which prompted the awkward request of the server to beseech the kitchen to prepare a “special” dish just for him. It wasn’t much better for our gluten- and dairy-free companion. Whether by choice or medical necessity, there is a growing segment of the dining population who needs to avoid these two ingredients. Menus are marketing tools, not necessarily comprehensive ingredient listings.

Do you have a restaurant you think we should review? Tell us which one and why in the comments section below. If we pick your spot you may be invited to be our guest and write your own review!