Texas Performing Arts


Creative People Can't Be Stopped

Texas Performing Arts is a big umbrella for the diversity of programming at both the University of Texas and for the greater Austin community. Nearly 1,000 creative professionals are at the core of bringing this magic to their stages. Texas Performing Arts presents an international season of music, theatre, dance, and conversation in multiple venues (Bass Concert Hall, McCullough Theatre, Bates Recital Hall, Oscar G. Brockett Theatre, and B. Iden Payne Theatre), as well as the best in touring Broadway productions and concert attractions. Through the generosity of private donors and corporate sponsors such as HEB, the arts remain accessible to our community. Through these generous donations, Texas Performing Arts is able to offer $10 student tickets. Join us as we get know Kathy Panoff, Director and Associate Dean at Texas Performing Arts and learn more about how these creative people really can’t be stopped!

“Texas Performing Arts is really just a big umbrella for the diversity of programming that we offer our community and the diversity of programming that we offer our campus.”

For full calendar listings and season or individual tickets, visit http://texasperformingarts.org/.

More about Kathy Panoff and her artistic journey – http://www.lstylegstyle.com/stories/an-artistic-journey/

photo credit – Brenda O’Brian