Sunscreen Myths


Every person’s skin type may be different, but in this area, each of us has a common variable: the hot Texas sun. Recently, there has been a lot of confusion about sunscreen and skin-care products. With so many products on the market, making a choice is daunting and could be an expensive mistake. Here are a few guidelines to empower you to make the right choices for your skin to stay healthy and pretty.

Sunscreen, a quick overview: The two primary choices in sunscreen are products that provide a chemical sunblock and those that provide a physical sunblock. Chemical sunscreens allow the sun to penetrate the epidermal layer and are then neutralized within the epidermis before any damage can happen. A physical sunblock actually blocks the sun from penetrating the epidermis. Common techniques used are wearing long sleeves or a hat. Both are FDA-approved methods of sun protection.

SPF Myth 1

Makeup containing sunscreen is enough sun protection.

Reality check: The amount of makeup needed to ensure proper sun protection is more than most people want to put on for day-to-day living. The easy solution is to apply a moisturizer with sunscreen in your morning skin-care routine and then apply makeup that includes SPF (sun protection factor). The makeup plus sunscreen combo will provide enough protection and not allow any harmful rays to penetrate.

PRODUCT SUGGESTION: Coola Organic Mineral Face Tint, SPF 20 and W3LL People Altruist Mineral Powder Foundation.

SPF Myth 2

My sunscreen is waterproof.

Reality check: No sunscreen is allowed to claim it is waterproof because that would imply there was no need to reapply after water activities. Instead, there are water-resistant sunscreens. Look for water-resistant sunscreens that have natural waxes in the ingredient deck. Waxes such as beeswax and carnauba will provide maximum water resistance and keep your skin safe during long durations in the water. All sunscreens need to be reapplied after 40 minutes of swimming.

PRODUCT SUGGESTION: Cool Organic Mineral Sport Moisturizer, SPF30+


SPF Myth 3

SPF 90 is WAY more protection than SPF 30.

Reality check: Yes, 90 is a higher number than 30, but when it comes to sunscreen, a rating of SPF 30 gives a solid 97% level of protection from the sun, while a rating of SPF 90 increases only 3% more to 99% protection. More protection is better than less, to be sure, but a sunscreen with SPF 30 offers considerable protection from the sun.

PRODUCT SUGGESTION: Arcona Reozone Body SPF 30 and Arcona Reozone Face SPF 40.

SPF Myth 4

My sunscreen has both UVA and UVB protection.

Reality check: the FDA does not regulate UVA protection, so it is often wrongly claimed on products. Make sure your sun- screen has zinc oxide and/or titanium dioxide in the ingredient deck. These guys will protect your skin from the deep level of damage caused by UVA rays.

PRODUCT SUGGESTION: Keys Solar RX is chemical free, gluten free and vegan.

SPF Myth 5

Tanning my skIn will clear up pimples.

Reality check: Suntanning your face to get rid of zits is much like burning down a house to get rid of a rat: A bigger problem is created. When skin gets tan, it develops a thick layer of dead skin, which in turn causes more oil production and more skin congestion. If your skin does get sun, make sure to use gentle cleanser and exfoliation products to help get rid of the dead skin layer. A cleansing oil or cleansing milk is ideal for this, followed by an enzyme-based exfoliator. The oil in the cleanser will bond to the oil in your skin and will be washed away when you rinse, leaving you clean and oil free but without feeling stripped and tight. Once your skin is no longer burned, the use of an enzymatic mask will help your skin regenerate and get rid of the dead skin cells caused by the sun damage.

PRODUCT SUGGESTION: Nude Skin Care Miracle Collection, which includes Cleansing Facial Oil, Hydrating Water, and Miracle Mask.

SPF Myth 6

The sun gives my hair great highlights.

Reality check: The sun naturally lightens hair because it is weakening the hair follicle and draining the life out of each strand. To balance out this process and return some life to your poor, tired hair, it needs to be nurtured. Hydrating shampoos and conditioners, as well as repair products, can even out the damage and prevent your hair from breaking or getting dull.

PRODUCT SUGGESTION: Peter Lamas Chinese Herbs Revitalizing Nutrient Mist (for fine hair) and Chinese Herbs Revitalizing Styling Cream (for thick hair).

Fun in the summertime is easy. Just be smart when it comes to protecting your skin and hair from the sun. A few essential skin care and sun products, along with some basic product knowledge, will make your life easier and keep your skin healthy, safe, and gorgeous.