In celebration of the Supreme Court decision legalizing same sex marriage, Austin B-cycle is launching its first #RideWithPride campaign for the month of July to benefit the Equality Texas Foundation, a local non-profit that works to secure full equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender Texans.

“The Supreme Court’s decision to recognize the fundamental human dignity of same sex couples who wish to marry is worthy of celebration,” said Elliott McFadden, Executive Director of Austin B-cycle. “Equality Texas has been on the front lines working for LGBT civil rights, and we have developed the #RideWithPride campaign to honor the work they continue to do.”

For the entire month of July when Austin B-cycle’s blue #RideWithPride bike gets checked out, the organization will donate $4 to the Equality Texas Foundation, up to $2000 total. Qualifying checkouts are those where the bike is checked out and returned to a different station or round trip checkouts of more than 5 minutes.

“The marriage victory is not the time to rest,” said Equality Texas executive director Chuck Smith. “Victory is the time to use this as fuel to power forward, to continue the mission, and to not stop until EVERY Texan has full equality.  Hop on an Austin B-Cycle bike and help us ride towards full equality for all Texans.”

“Riding around the city you love while benefiting this great organization, it’s so simple and easy… just like Austin B-cycle,” McFadden continued.