Land of the Free Becoming More Free for Gays


It’s probably never going to be easy to be gay in America, but the passing of the marriage equality decision has made it a bit easier. Also, we thank celebrities, sports stars, politicians and other people in the lime-light for having the courage to reveal their sexual orientation with pride. Television and movies produce gay characters as normal people who lead productive lives and have loving families. It is a far cry from the stereotypes of the past.

As gay Americans, we often identify with the passion and ideals that Rev. Martin Luther King had for African- Americans. Like Dr. King, we dream of a brighter day of freedom for our people. We want equality like everyone else. The Bill of Rights guarantees all Americans the right to pursue happiness.

We still have a long way to go. Even after the Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage, there are still officials who refuse to grant licenses. Our country’s labor laws forbid discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation; however, many unscrupulous employers use bogus reasons not to hire a gay person. Many religious movements preach the message of love and acceptance: gays excluded.  The media is still reporting hate crimes being perpetrated against gay people.

The rainbow has been a symbol of the LGBT community for quite a while. It reminds us that pure light is composed of a spectrum of many colors. We represent people in all nationalities and walks of life. The rainbow shines brightest when the sunrays peek through the misty rain. Here’s to hoping the sun keeps shining!