Equality should also include marriage equality


Everyone and I do mean every person has the right to marriage. All people on the face of the earth deserve happiness and be with someone they love.  To share their love, get their needs met, and allow their partner be recognized not just by one another but by the whole world.

Gay, straight, bi-sexual all deserve to stand up in front of family and friends and God in church or other establishments and be married.  Love only multiplies and grows and not be kept under a bushel. Being shunned from marriage due to the well-meaning of individuals spewing facts and figures from their opinions is wrong and judgmental and takes away from humanity.

No matter the sexual preference, marriage equality should not just be available to just the man/woman combination.  Love is love and there are no boundaries, no rules or regulations. So, the barriers of marriage need to come down and torn apart to allow ALL people to celebrate their union of love.

Marriage equality does not mean the forcing of opinions on one another that would cause a riot but it is the example of what is right and good in the world. The golden rule states we are to treat one another with kindness and if we put a fence up around marriage, we are laughing at the golden rule. 

This world would be a more blessed place if we all accepted differences. Differences brings everyone together and causes joyful festivals. Who wants to live in a society where equality does not exist?  Open up your hearts to truth and peace and welcome marriage equality as part of a fellowship where love has no boundaries.