Happy Anniversary!


L Style G Style is a year old, and throughout the course of the last six issues, we’ve featured many wonderful people, both gay and straight, who have helped make Austin the unique and diverse place it is. In honor of this anniversary issue, we asked them to tell us about the experience of being featured in L Style G Style, as well as who they’d like to see advertise or featured in future issues.

1.) What has been the most interesting response you’ve gotten from being featured in L Style G Style?

2.) What businesses or individuals would you like to see advertise or featured in L Style G Style?



1.) Overwhelmingly, it was the response from the straight community. I was taken aback by how many straight people in the business community told me they really like the magazine and articles. The most interesting was from an attorney who told me he loved the LG “fashion” magazine and asked what LG stood for!

2.) I think it is important for any and all businesses that are supporters of the gay community to advertise. I know that not only myself but many of my friends and colleagues select companies to purchase from that are gay-friendly and that we see advertising and supporting our community. Who I’d like to see in featured in future issues: spiritual leaders, leaders in corporate America, politicians – people who are not only impacting the local community but also doing so on a more national level.


1.) Most interesting response was probably my aunt who lives in Hawaii. My sister-in-law sent her the online link and she called me immediately to dote. Most interesting part is your readership has spread to Hawaii!

2.) As far as advertisers, I would like to see more entertainment companies and venues advertising upcoming shows.


1.) Most of the comments I got about L Style G Style were about how well it’s laid out and how the information is useful and photography is amazing.

2.) Big names like Whole Foods, Apple, IKEA. You know the gay community shops there a lot and it will be nice to see some of that recognition.


1.) I sent the edition of L Style G Style that I was in to my grandma, along with a pair of awesome, black and orange Adidas “Wanderlust” sneakers for her birthday. She called me in tears to say that she had no idea that she affected my life in such positive ways; and that she hated the shoes and how could I possibly think that an 81- year-old woman would be seen in them!

2.) I’d like to see a feature on Paul Scott and, his partner, Scott Simons. I’m really interested in getting more information out there on the tremendous work that Paul has done for Equality Texas and Scott has done for Whole Foods Market. They are an extremely interesting couple. Also Leah Bojo and her husband Brian Kremer. She is an equality fighter, he is a musician and they are adorable.


1.) The number of straight people who saw the article really surprised me! Your readership is obviously not just gay/lesbian, but also many fashion/hip and just plain folks. 78704 was a big pool of those who noticed the article.

2.) I’m not sure, more gay/lesbian- friendly businesses that the community may not know about. More women-owned businesses.


1.) I wish I had some great story to share with you, but I don’t really. I received a lot of nice comments but nothing too interesting that I can remember.

2.) How about locally owned businesses? www.IBuyAustin.com



1.) Sorry, we didn’t receive any. ….

2.) The Lambert Family – Liz Lambert.



1.) I have gotten a few responses of folks who read the piece and then became interested in working with me, hiring me, commissioning a new work. So that’s been really positive.

2.) I don’t have a strong opinion about advertising, but perhaps some non- commercial businesses like social- service agencies or other nonprofits. As for features, I support L Style G Style continuing to feature artists, as PR is so important to our work.


1.) When I pulled up at the Audi Dealer for repairs and the serviceman said, “Hey Emily, we loved reading all about you!”

2.) The more mainstream the better. I love having Roger Beasley as a sponsor and seeing the magazine all over their showroom. Others to Feature: Jay Farrell, architect, or Joe Prados, architect.


1.) People have used it as a contact to do business with Whole Foods, i.e., pitch their services, products etc. The super most interesting is people (straight, Republican) who say they saw the magazine and me in it. Considering I was not on the cover and they had to look through the magazine, I found this most interesting.

2.) L Style G Style is doing an amazing job of showing the depth of our com- munity: Every profession you can think of has been covered and I love seeing that and knowing younger GLBTs are seeing the broad range of talent in our community. Keep up the good work!


1.) I had a client say, “I saw you in the magazine. Great article.” My first reaction was physical – fear. I asked, “Which magazine?” – as if I’m in so many magazines I can’t possibly keep track, right? She said “L Style. Everyone’s seen it at the office.” After getting over the word “everyone,” I realized she knows me very well, knows Millie and was being supportive. Sheesh. Just as memorable is that Millie can’t stop pulling out that magazine when our friends and relatives visit. It’s been five months and it just happened again last weekend.

2.) The first things to come to mind are family-friendly attorneys and non- profit fundraisers that benefit the lesbian/gay community.