Get Sun-Kissed, Healthy Skin


Texas summers can be brutal. And while it’s wonderful to have a sun-kissed, healthy glow, you should be mindful about what you put on your skin in order to protect it. Not all sunscreens and lotions are created equal. Luckily, we’ve shopped around and done the research.


Some of our favorite body-care products are made by Climb On!, a local company. They make a fantastic mineral sunblock that uses non-nano zinc oxide, which is a safe natural option.

Zinc is also hypoallergenic, while titanium dioxide can cause skin sensitivity in some individuals. Zinc is known as a physical sunblock, which means it sits on the surface of the skin and acts as a barrier. This mineral will deflect or block the UV rays from your skin.

Climb On! sunblock is the only one we have tried that does not leave your skin looking white and pale. In addition, this product is oil based, so it is water and sweat resistant. Climb On! sunscreen also includes antioxidants such as aloe vera gel and butter, green tea oil, and red raspberry and sea buckthorn oils.


Astaxanthin is derived from microalgae. This ingredient contributes to the pink color in salmon, flamingoes and shrimp. A carotenoid and very potent antioxidant, it may support skin health during UV and sun exposure. Many people around the world call it “the sunscreen in a pill.” The damaging impact of sunlight on the skin is caused by a less-stable form of oxygen (or free radical). Astaxanthin has been shown in research to be more pow- erful than other vitamin antioxidants at neutralizing this free radical. It may also support a healthy inflammatory response, and sunburn is a type of inflammation. This is a fantastic product to support recovery from exercise. People report that they can exercise and train in the sun longer without feeling as bad. One of our favorite brands is Nutrex Hawaii.


As we are in the hot summer months, several concerns involving sweating arise. Enfusia Tea Tree Body Powder is produced by a Texas-based company. First, this product uses cornstarch and kaolin clay instead of talc. Cornstarch helps to absorb moisture and prevent friction. This may be a popular choice for the leather-wearing enthusiast, but it is also a great choice for people who work outside. Try sprinkling it in your shoes. In addition to absorbing wetness, Enfusia Tea Tree Body Powder also contains tea tree oil, which has natural antiseptic properties and supports the body’s ability to fight bacte- ria. Not only will this be great to freshen up your shoes, it can prevent body odor as well. Enfusia Tea Tree Body Powder can provide relief for skin itching and burning feet.