Fashion: ‘Tomboyish’ Fall Look Book


It’s beginning to feel a lot like fall – well maybe not a lot, but here in Texas, temperatures in the mid-70s constitutes sweater weather. But before we run off to our closets or start adjusting our wardrobes to compliment the temperature changes, we must remember that one thing remains constant: style.

Ari Fitz, the androgynous and well-dressed former cast member from Real World: Ex-polsion, knows a thing or two about style, particularly Tomboyish style, a popular look often emulated in the LGBT community. In her web series, Tomboyish, a style series dedicated to fashionable tomboys, she dishes the scoop on everything from how to build a solid sneaker collection to what jackets every tomboy should own. Now, with autumn rolling in, Fitz is sharing a few inspiring looks in her new Fall Look Book, complete with some of the season’s trendiest styles, showcasing flannels, jean jackets, camouflage and leopard prints, and blazer jackets as a few of the season’s essentials. Give it a look yourself and get geared up for fall, tomboy style.

Burning Question

What favorite item are you itching to pull out of the closet this fall?


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