Eat + Be Cool


On the plates at Trace, Hotel St. Cecilia, and the Lake Austin Spa Resort

TRACE W Austin

Curl into a gray velvet loveseat; relax with a glass of wine. Enjoy a warm night on the patio watching passersby on Lavaca. Do not be fooled by Trace’s simple menu of local and sustainable options. Chef Paul Hargrove has secrets up his sleeve that weave intricate and surprising flavors throughout. Score points with your table by ordering Market Snacks and allow everyone a moment of silence with the local white cheddar. Try whatever is on special; the menu really does change daily. Nothing is ordinary; Richardson’s chicken breast with sausage and artichoke stew is comfort food in high heels. Indulge in dessert where you will find more twists on originals; the disassembled chocolate cream pie’s house-made pretzel ice cream is a showstopper. Go out on the town you love, satisfied.

ROOM SERVICE Hotel Saint Cecilia

Good morning, rock star. What’ll it be? Mimosa, fresh crepe and fruit? Lamb chop and eggs? Or perhaps a Bloody Mary bar for the room? Have it delivered to your suite or out to the patio to enjoy. Slip into the pool and get some sun. Hun- gry again? No candy bars here! Hotel Saint Cecilia knows its guests are of a higher standard; each room is stocked with muses for your mouth–everything from shortbread cookies to Askinosie dark milk with fleur de sel chocolate bars for your sweet tooth. Savory flavors include olive oil crackers with a selection of cheeses, salami, and caviar. Thirsty? Choose from Mexican Coca-Cola, kombucha to rejuvenate your body, or a glass of wine to start your evening. Cheers!


LAKE VIEW Lake Austin Spa Resort

Come as you are, to a cushioned wicker chair in the dining room. Watch the water and meet new folks as you choose from the prix fixe menu. Begin with a sushi grade salmon starter before treating your senses to the chilled papaya and watermelon soup. Salads keep the Asian theme with miso dressing on iceberg, utilizing herbs from the property’s gar- dens. Each of the six entrees is less than 350 calories but is not wanting for flavor. The Spicy Shanghi Lobster Noodles feature pink and perfectly cooked pieces of lobster in a bed of vermicelli noodles coated with a delicious spicy curry sauce. Finish with a miniature desert du jour, and rest assured your afternoon water workout was not for nothing.