Catering To Your Every Whim


These Austin catering companies build strong businesses by delighting you

Catering businesses can be like marriages. Without attention and care, they can quickly become an exercise in going through the monotonous motions. Sam Armstrong showcases seven sexy numbers that break the humdrum mold.

Old-school caterers don’t always bring to mind sweet memories. Any city is rife with examples. Chafing dishes filled with crusty, drying casseroles languish atop tacky tablescapes, accompanied by the bread sticks that time forgot, regrettably tasteless sandwiches with moist bread and dry meats, and worse. It’s enough to make one throw up their arms in defeat and haul ass to the local truck stop for one of them there skin graft sandwiches.

But fear not. Lucky for us, some scrump-diddly-umptious chef superheroes are offering a growing array of sexy smorgasbords and ambrosial buffets designed to come right to the culinary rescue.


Eat Street Catering

Chef Pamela Nevarez-Fisher has an incredible energy, falling into a natural and friendly rhythm with just about anyone who crosses her path. But just because someone is likeable doesn’t mean their food is any good. Unless, again, you’re talking about Nevarez-Fisher. She’s a pro at catering parties and events but specializes in building healthy meals for busy families. And she’s very family friendly to boot.

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Gina’s Kitchen

Gina Burchenal is wicked fun. Gina Burchenal is wicked creative. Gina Burchenal has a great big heart (not wicked) and a great big laugh to match. Gina Burchenal also has a great big way of cooking up great big flavors. When she’s not cooking up repasts for great big groups, Gina Burchenal is telling great big groups of foodies how to cook at her lauded central Market cooking classes. Got an event? Get to know Gina.


Hosteria Verde Supper Club & Catering

For dinner parties, cocktail parties, and cooking classes, delectable food from Anne Rutt’s Hosteria Verde is top-of-the-line. Beautiful, stylish without being overly trendy, and, of course, oh-so-tasty, it’s hard to go wrong with this menu. To keep it interesting, check out one of Hosteria Verde’s supper clubs, hosted everywhere from art studios to al fresco settings under the stars, often featuring lovely accompaniments by local musicians.

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2 Dine 4 Catering

2 dine 4 catering is a perfect fit for all the ways Austin bills itself. From galas to weddings to film shoots, chefs Chris, Holly, Miguel and Claudia like to keep things interesting. Artfully prepared, dramatic menus showcase big, friendly flavors. Check out the crew’s aptly named Supper Friends events where BYOB and new friends combine with the 2 dine 4 staff’s favorite plated courses.

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Royal Fig

As comfortable working under Top Chef Harold Dieterle as working in his own vegetable garden, Royal Fig’s owner and executive chef, dan Stacy, brings a balanced approach that’s both chic and approachable to this very austin catering company. if the devil is in the details, this outfit that specializes not only in amazing food but also professionally produced events is definitely diabolical.

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In Good Taste Catering

Buying local is good, and so is keeping it in the family. Both local and gay-owned, in good Taste catering features consulting that includes fantastic food choices as well as stylish design that helps elevate your event to something spectacular. Looking for another layer of something special? The boys at in good Taste’s self-described saucy service might just do the trick.

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Suzanne Court

“Whose party is this, anyway?” Plenty of event planners have their own vision of what they think your event should look like. Suzanne court catering & events has a reputation for helping you figure out what you want and making it happen, whether it’s a cozy gathering or a blowout bash. and the menu is built for adventurous taste buds and more traditional tongues alike.

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