Web Series: ‘Transparent’


Move over Orange Is the New Black. Amazon Prime is debuting a new groundbreaking series next week that could be the next game-changing LGBT TV show. From creator and executive producer Jill Soloway, the cleverly titled Transparent introduces a dysfunctional L.A. family of three adult siblings – Ali, Sarah, and Josh – and their well-off father, Mort, who is transitioning into his newfound womanhood. As Mort (Jeffrey Tambor) evolves into Maura, attending transgender support groups and refining his appearance, he fears coming out to his children, especially since they all seem to be absorbed in their own matters and harboring their own secrets. In the pilot episode we see Ali (Gaby Hoffmann) fight with body image issues while financially strapped. Sarah (Amy Landecker), with a husband and kids, finds herself drifting off into an on-screen love affair with a lesbian flame from the past. Then, there’s the only son, Josh (Jay Duplass), who can’t stick to just one younger woman at a time.

The pilot episode is exceptionally well-written, backed by a solid and talented cast. Its edge comes with the show’s humor, and its ability to weave us in and out of touching moments, while saturating viewers in remnants of the 70s. Transparent also packs significance, creating a dialogue surrounding the different issues on the show, particularly for the LGBT community and those who seek to gain more understanding of the LGBT community. Transparent has the potential be Amazon’s break-out original series.

Burning Questions

What was your coming out story? Is there ever a perfect time to come out to family?


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Transparent Season 1 Premiere
Sept. 26 (all ten episodes premiere at once)
Amazon Prime Instant Video
See Pilot episode here